Paper instructions:
The main purpose of this speech is to raise doubts about, damage or even destroy an opposing position by pointing out its weaknesses or inconsistencies.
Introduction should include:  Attention getter, credibility statement, and preview of main points (arguments).
2) In the body of the speech your main points will be the points or arguments that you are refuting or supporting.  Refutation follows a five step sequence:?
) State the point you plan to refute and explain its importance to the opposing position
) Tell how you plan to refute the point
) Present evidence to refute the point
) Show how the evidence refutes the point
) Explain the significance of the refutation
3) The conclusion should include a summary of your main points (arguments) and concluding remarks.  It is best to end with a bang instead of a whimper!
The total time is 2 minutes, so i just need one page

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