This is a research paper that will be written on the basis of comparative political analysis. The focus is politics in the developing world. In this case the country of India will be compared to the country of Venezuela.

Historically (effects of colonialism in India for example) and how it differs from Venezuela’s history. Other indicators are to be mentioned to create a comparison with such issues as gender equality,

human rights, political freedom, corruption. Indicators of developmental progress, environmental, and national security are to be included. World Bank report along with GINI index, UN statistics may be used to strengthen the comparison. Current events are to be mentioned as well, such as how is the government in Venezuela changing now that Hugo Chavez is dead?

Final remarks should include a future projection on how both countries will progress in the developing world, both as far as human rights, political rights, and economy. The analysis should provide a clear distinction between both nations as well as a fair number of similarities. Please use academic quality works to cite and cite everything that needs to be cited.

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