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1. Review the PowerPoint on Understanding Neighborhoods and Communities. Using concepts from the PowerPoint and text, describe the neighborhood where you grew up and how it shaped your life. What types of communities are you currently part of now? How will this knowledge of various types of communities assist you as a social worker in understanding the systems perspective and social work practice? (Note to the writer. I live in Skylake Miami Gardens, Florida. The City is mostly occupying by Jewish and Spanish people and few black people).

2. Review the PowerPoint on Trauma Care Systems. Pick one system of care that you are interested in work in as a social worker. (Note to the writer. I am interested in the school system). Discuss how social workers must be trauma-informed when working with individuals, families, and children who encounter this particular system when traumatized and in need of services.

3. Define Gay Affirmative Practice and why this is important to members of the LGBTQ community. Identify major issues experienced by this community that impact their mental health, well-being and create barriers to social justice.

4. The University School of Social Work is preparing you to become a leader of groups, communities, and agencies. Using the PowerPoint on Groups and Organizational Change, discuss effective leadership skills, being effective in networking, and how to be a team leader.

5. April is a single mother of 3 children who recently lost her job and is seeking social services for the first time in her life. She has come to your agency for help with emergency food and information on applying for aid to help with utilities. You can see that she is uncomfortable and emotional about needing help. Using your micro skills, provide a brief description of the communication skills you will use to establish a good client/worker relationship with her.

6. You have just been hired to run a new social service agency. Pick one organizational theory and describe how you will use this theory in running the agency and why that one theory. Also, briefly describe two of SAMHSA’s domains that you will focus on to make your agency trauma-informed. Why those two domains?

7. Discuss how social workers are change agents. Provide an example of how a social worker can implement a change within an agency or community and what steps will he/she need to employ to make that change successful.

8. Provide a definition of an evaluation and provide three reasons why it is important for a social worker to evaluate programs or services within an agency.

9. This summer you will have 12 weeks, between June, July, and August to initiate a project for either yourself, your family, school or at an agency. Describe the project. Provide your goal(s) and your objectives. Then develop a Gantt chart to visually display the steps or tasks that you will take to begin and accomplish the project over 12 weeks. (Note to the writer. My goal is to be Physically fit. To do that, I need to manage my time, go to the gym and change my eating habit).