Individual Coursework

QAC020B021S BSc Computing Technologies Extended DegreeAll submission of coursework will be online via Turnitin on the module’s Moodle site.

The Roehampton Harvard Referencing system should be used for any resources used as part of your research.

Final submission deadline is 24th April by 2pm

Your student number MUST be included in your document on each page.

Use appropriate academic sources, referenced in accordance with the University of Roehampton’s Harvard Referencing guidelines:


  • Size 12
  • Word document (not a pdf)
  • 5 line spacing

This assignment will assess the following module learning outcomes:

  1. An appreciation of the use of pseudo code in the development of computer software and from this to be able to develop relevant algorithms and to design relevant data structures to solve a range of different practical problems.
  2. An appreciation of the broader study requirements of a computing degree course and be able to decide if such a programme of study is appropriate for them.

There are two questions in this assignment. Both are compulsory. You should submit both questions in a single word file. For question 1, you should include screen shots of code and running VB application.

Question 1

You are required to design and develop a basic library management system to lease out books using Visual Basic (VB).

It should contain a form with fields similar to the image below:

  • Please note, you are not restricted to using the above example layout showing the screenshot of the Visual basic controls. You have complete freedom to design the user interface as you see fit to match the requirements.

Question 1 guidance






Produce a flowchart to model the sequence the algorithm does to perform the tasks.


The system should  iterate through a list of books15Using arrays to store information about 5 books such as authors, synopsis and image link to books for the picturebox. As the user scrolls through the book collection the form should display details of the current book.
The system should be able to out books and return the books15Books that are not currently leased should be able to be leased. For available books the option to lease them out should be available but not for already leased out books. Leased out books should have the option to return them.
The system should be able to list all available books and all leased out books10Using a loop and a listbox the books should be displayed in the listbox. Either only, all available or leased out books.
Quality of Code10 Your code is properly commented and indented. You have used VB conventions to declare and initialise variables and objects.

(Total: 60 marks) 

Question 2: Your second task is to write a self-reflective commentary about the design and quality of code of your library application.                                                                                                      

Having created your application, you should write a self-reflective commentary (1000 words) about your work explaining the design choices and quality of your code. Your commentary should discuss how you have implemented your library application using your learning during weekly lectures and computer labs. You should reflect on:

  1. Your research and review of VB topics such as Arrays, if –else, use of picturebox, listbox, etc. as you developed you library application.
  1. The design decisions you made e.g. use of Arrays as you worked on your library application.
  2. Where you think you succeeded and where you think you could have room for improvement.
  3. What you would do differently if you were to attempt to do your application again and what you would do with your portfolio if you could develop it further.

Your commentary should show evidence of your reading and research and use Harvard referencing. Your commentary is a chance for you to review your own work, showing an awareness of strengths as well as identifying potential areas, which need improvements if they were to be done again.

All work will be marked according to the following marking schema:

  1. Evidence of research (30%). You should show evidence of background reading and researched around the subject (e.g. use of Arrays, Listbox, Picturebox, if –else) and used appropriate examples. You should have made use of these sources to inform and enhance your answers?
  2. Logical flow and application (20%). You should have addressed all the required points of the task in a logical and consistent manner.
  3. Explanation and Understanding (30%). You have explained and justified your decisions to an appropriate level. You have given examples of such decisions along with justification.
  4. Structure and Presentation (20%). Your work is tidy and well laid out, with appropriate structure and standard of concise and effective written English You have used illustrations appropriately and correctly. Your work is of appropriate length. You have cited your sources appropriately using Harvard style of referencing.

 (40 Marks)

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