BUS 330 Week2 DQ 2Gender as Market Niche Market niches: Digital Show and Tell Brands carve out niches in the marketplace by targeting a specific audience. And two of the most powerful tools a marketer has for making their target feel the brand is “for them” is how they position and package their Product and how they make use of Place “� relative to both physical and virtual places of business. You’re going to select either the male targeted Sport Clips (a retail hair cuttery) or the female targeted Sister Snog (a London business social network) and describe how they target through the use of place and product. And while words are great, pictures are worth a thousand of ’em, so we’re going to do digital show and tell using a cool new website annotation tool called BounceApp. Guided Response: Check out our sample annotated web page for a high-end pet boutique. Mouse over highlighted areas to view associated commentary. Pick one of the two brands and visit their website Sport Clips or Sister Snog Identify a site page “� landing page or otherwise “� where place and/or product is featured. Remember; place encompasses physical and virtual locations Copy the webpage link from your browser. See the step by step tutorial Identify at least three examples of how place and or product is used to reinforce the gender targeting. Write at least two sentences of explanation for each example. When done, copy the link to your annotated BounceApp page. In the post title identify whether you picked Sport Clips or Sister Snog. In the body of post, provide your BounceApp page link. See example. Which brand do you think uses product and place more effectively to differentiate itself? Cite at least one reason why relative to both product and place. Feel free to pick a different “winner” for product versus place. Screen capture and annotate the webpage using BounceApp Post your annotated webpage link to the DQ forum below. Explore annotations for the brand you didn’t pick. Respond to three of your peers, at least one of which must be for the brand you didn’t pick. Comment on market niche strategies that those brands used/failed to use in promoting their website. Then answer this:

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