BUS 330 Week 2 DQ 1Product Life Cycle Stories Introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Every product has a life cycle story waiting to be told. In this interactivity, you’re going to document the story of a product, product category or brand that has progressed through the four product life cycle stages. Guided Response: Review section 3.2 in our text regarding product life cycles. Check out our sample life cycle Storify regarding Polaroid Instant Cameras. Identify an appropriate product, product category or brand. One that has moved through all phases of the life cycle Do a web search for dead brands or product fads. Or use this article about bygone tech for inspiration. Research your brand/product/category to answer the following: The approximate timing of each life cycle phase The key events that marked the start or end of each phase Use at least three sources and refer to our example as needed. One section on each lifecycle phase. Briefly describe the phase, when it occurred for your product and the key events that started/ended the phase. At least one image or video (product shots, advertisements, etc.). Three APA formatted citations. Reference your sources at the end. When done, copy the link of your published Storify story. In the title of your post identify your product/brand/category. In the body of your post, provide your Storify link. See our example. Of the products that you read about (including your own), which one best fits and least fits the classic life cycle curve? Explain why/how. Create and publish a new Storify that contains the following: Post your Storify link to the DQ forum below. Respond to at least three life cycleStorifys for brand/products/categories other than the one you picked. Then answer this question:

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