Describe the growth patterns of the mouse, cougar, and red-eared slider populations when pythons are not present. Describe the growth of the Burmese python population immediately after they were introduced. What happened to the populations of the other animals? Suggest one reason why the introduction of Burmese pythons to this ecosystem may have caused the effects you observed.   What happened to the cougar and Burmese python populations when 80% of the Burmese pythons were removed? What do your observations reveal about the challenges involved in fighting invasive species? Based on your observations of Burmese python population trends, recommend a way managers could fight the Burmese python invasion in the Everglades. Explain your reasoning. Would you recommend introducing another nonnative species from Southeast Asia that is known to prey upon the Burmese python or its eggs? Explain. Not all invasive species are predators. Which of the following characteristics would help any nonnative species, regardless of its place in the food chain, become invasive? Select all that apply.

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