BIO 204 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Role of Major Hormones Presentation   Create a 10- to 14-slide (Title and Reference slides) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that examines one plant hormone and its role in plant growth and function. Basic requirements for all Powerpoint Presentations:   Incorporate the following elements into your presentation, information should be present in the SLIDE NOTES:   Provide an overview of your plant hormone. Provide a brief history of scientific inquiry surrounding your hormone. Describe one experiment that led to understanding the hormone’s function. Describe the development of structures involved in plant growth, meristems, cambium, flowers, and seeds. What plant structures and functions are associated with the hormone? Explain how it influences plant growth and function. Include a picture to support your explanation. To locate the picture you want to use, select a search engine, and search for the image. Be sure your image is clear and contains an APA formatted in-text citation. Provide a photo or diagram (with an APA formatted in-text citation) and an explanation of the effects of hormone deficiency and excess on plant growth or function.  Review the main points of the presentation and summarize the hormone’s major function for plant growth as a conclusion. Include elegant graphics and a reference slide with citations for photos, cartoons, diagrams, and other references.

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