Discussion Question 1 Have you ever tried to pack too much into a suitcase? Then, you know what a challenge it can be to fit a large amount of material into a small space. Think about the amazing elegance of the DNA molecule”�fitting a blueprint for the entire organism, from the hair color to the code for every single enzyme, into a tiny nucleus.  Resource: Ch. 6 of Bioinquiry  Due Date: Day 2 [Main forum]  Post your response to the following: o What are some of the benefits of squeezing so much data into virtually every cell in the body? o Why did humans not evolve with one central repository of DNA rather than having it replicated throughout the body? o Assume that the hereditary information carried in genes and DNA is responsible for many differences observed in humans and other living things. How could just four different bases in DNA strands be responsible for the almost endless variety found in nature? 4. Discussion Question 2  Resources: Ch. 5 of Bioinquiry and the March of Dimes Foundation Web site  Due Date: Day 4 [Main forum]  Review Ch. 5 of the text and the March of Dimes Foundation Web site at http://www.marchofdimes.com/pnhec/4439_1209.asp  Choose a chromosomal disorder from the March of Dimes Foundation Web site.  Post your response to the following: o Identify the disorder and explain how it is expressed in a person and inherited. o If you were the parent of a child with this disorder, with which question would you be most concerned? How would you find the answer to your question? o Discuss any personal experiences or news articles related to the disorder.

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