Assignment: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Energy acquisition is essential for all life. Whether the organism is classified as plant or animal, single-celled or multi-cellular, the exchange of energy and the formation of products consist of a series of chemical reactions that occur at the cellular level.  Resources: Ch. 10 and pp. 422-436 in Bioinquiry, Appendix F, and the student companion Web site  Due Date: Day 7 [Individual forum]  Review the following activities: o Section 10.4: How Do Organisms Acquire Energy? BIO 100″�Introduction to Life Science with Lab Course Syllabus Page 14 Light-Dependent Reactions at Light-Independent Reactions at o Section 10.3: How Do Organisms Use Energy? Oxidative Phosphorylation at  Krebs: Preparation and Cycle at  Glycolysis at·  Complete the matrix in Appendix F.·  Post Appendix F as a Microsoft® Word attachment.·

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