Your final paper assignment will be to find a topic that interests you concerning 1984, make an assertion about that topic, and, finally, research other articles or books dealing with your topic so that you can write a well-documented essay that attempts to prove your assertion.  You will need to utilize a minimum of three sources: 1984 and at least two other sources.  All of these sources should be books, journal (including online journal), newspaper, or magazine articles.  You may use internet sources, but these will not count toward your three minimum sources.  The success of this assignment will depend on your integration of your research into your discussion of 1984 in order to prove your assertion beyond a reasonable doubt.

The first step in this project is to choose an issue in 1984 that is interesting to you.  Next, formulate a thesis (an assertion) that takes a stance on the issue.  You will then write a research report that describes your issue, explains your thesis, and suggests what sort of research you would like to do to help prove your thesis.      As you collect sources, you need to create an annotated bibliography; Once you have completed your research, you may begin work on your actual research paper.

As always, your introduction should include something to capture your readers’ interest.  You might include an anecdote or a quote from either 1984 or one of your other sources.  Your introduction will also have to include your thesis and your essay map, as well as an introduction to 1984.  You do not have to introduce your subsidiary sources in your introduction, unless the source is a major aspect of your argument. (e.g. for comparisons you would have to introduce all works being compared)  If you are unsure whether or not to introduce certain sources in your introduction, then you should discuss the subject with me.

Your essay body will be used to support your thesis in some way.  This is where you will really begin to integrate the sources that you have gathered for this assignment.  The sources must be well-integrated into your text with appropriate transitions and in-text citations for all sources, including 1984.  You will be quoting and paraphrasing fairly extensively, so appropriate documentation will be a necessity; however, you should be sure that your sources do not become overbearing in your paper.  This paper is still intended to be your original work, not your presentation of someone else’s work; therefore, you should use the sources as support for your argument, not as the driving force of your paper.

Your conclusion will need to tie up all loose ends and conclude all discussion in your paper.  Your conclusion should also include something that will leave a lasting, memorable impression of both your paper and your argument.

Points to remember:

Ø  This project will take a great deal of planning and research, so the earlier that you come up with a topic and assertion, the better off you will be.  You may want to read ahead of the assigned pages in 1984 to give yourself more time to think about each section of the book.

Ø  Be sure that you take clear and thorough notes and annotations while working on this project.

Ø  Proofread meticulously for grammatical errors.

Ø  Contact me with any questions or concerns either during my office hours or by email.

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