assignment 1042

1- Read one of the following newspapers or visit their online sites: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or The Washington Post.

2- Find an article related to one of the following topics: ● Welfare ● Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) ● SNAP (Food stamp program) ● Social Security ● SSI ● Education reform ● Medicare ● Medicai

3-Write a 2-page paper using the following outline. 1. Cite the article using APA format. If article was found online include the link. 2. Write a brief summary of the article (no more than 4 sentences). 3. For the rest of the paper explain more about the concepts and issues presented using a global social work perspective. Analyze the social and political context of the issues in the article. Remember to identify the vulnerable population who is on the receiving end of the services. Here are some questions that might help you develop the paper. You do not have to use these questions. They are here to help you think about the bigger picture. ● How does the article and the issues it relate to the concepts of oppression and discrimination? ● How does the article address policies that advance social well-being? ● How are issues of human rights and social and economic justice involved? ● How do Republican or Democratic values enter the discussion of this issue? 4. In the last paragraph answer the following questions: What can social workers do to promote human rights, social and economic justice as they pertain to this issue? Is this already happening? What policies could be changed to improve services?


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