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Assessment Prep for Facilitators
Due Monday
Reflection is among our most powerful tools as researchers when it comes to the topic of assessment. Reflect upon your experiences with assessment, either as a participant or facilitator.
Write four to six paragraphs about your personal experience with assessment. If you have not facilitated assessment, reach out to someone in your organization that does to support your responses. Address the following points.
Part I

What was the purpose and use of the assessment you experienced?
Facilitator Training:

What type of facilitator training did you participate in?
If you did not participate in facilitator training, describe the ideal type of training you would receive to support facilitating assessment within your organization?

Training Leadership:

If you participated in training, who led the training?
If you did not participate in training, describe ideal training leadership.

How should assessment facilitators be engaged in the assessment planning?
What feedback would be useful to collect from assessment stakeholders to improve the validity or reliability of the test?

Part II
What changes would you recommend to improve assessment in your classroom or workplace? Why? Explain how your recommended changes would allow facilitators to both participate in test planning, and feedback collection.
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies, Recommended Studies, and your research.
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