Apply your descriptive experience to the readings


This write up should be like writing a memo to CEO of a company. The CEO is very familiar with the Simulation. The goal of the paper is to explain what you learned and how it relates to materials I provided. VERY IMPORTANT Please be sure to Give specific details of the results you obtained and alternatives you looked at while playing the simulation. Discuss why one decision is more appropriate than others.

-Add an Executive Summary AND conclusion
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Thank you for your first attempt to this draft. The objective of this order/paper is to write about the experience of taking the simulations and the results you came up with. In addition, you apply your descriptive experience to the readings (sources) I have provided and answer the questions regarding the simulations results you came up with. PLEASE REWRITE THIS ENTIRE PAPER. NONE OF THE INFORMATION APPLIES TO THE INSTRUCTION. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE INFORMATION IN THE FIRST DRAFT. IT IS INCORRECT. **The paper is about writing to the CEO (use that language as you are writing a memo to your boss) about the simulation experience. TAKE THE SIMULATION MANY TIMES AND EACH TIME REMEMBER WHAT YOU SEE AND EXPERIENCED. **Rewrite the WHOLE paper. The analysis should be about the simulations and then answer the questions. YOU SHOULD TAKE THE SIMULATION MORE THAN ONE TIME. YOU ARE TO PROVIDE ALL THE DIFFERENCE EXPERIENCES YOU ENCOUNTERED WHEN YOU TOOK IT. **Apply the sources I provided and additional resources if applicable � PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM ALL. **Executive Summary is missing. Please include it. ** Please REWRITE the Conclusion. The conclusion should mention about the experience in taking the simulation and incorporate it with the importance of managerial decision making and lesson learned. **Your citations and references are incorrect. I provided the correct references for you. -Schmitz. A. (2012a). Mastering Strategy: Art and Science. Retrieved from -Schmitz, A. (2012b). Evaluating the Industry. Retrieved from **Use the Porter�s Five Forces as it applies to the simulations you taken. Please rewrite and answer Question 3 as it applies to the simulations results you see. **Rewrite Question 1 and 2 � as it should apply to the simulation experience and what you see. Provided different examples on what you see and experience. Explain it. Use data, calculations, etc. **Apply the sources/ readings I provided you as supported information. ** You don�t not have to apply the wealth asset management industry I requested. Do not include this reference Bessermer Trust. Please remove it. I look forward to your revise work. Thank you so much! ????




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