analytical essay 34

5 pages MLA double spaces
Read “Black Reconstruction” By Du Bois Focus on Chap VI-VIII, Chap XIV-XVI
You can also use other sources but make sure are Credible and academic
This is an Analytical Essay on writer’s “brand” of Marxism. In other words, you need to demonstrate the ways in which the writer has followed or departed from typical Marxist positions.
Write what you think is most important after you reading the book.
No summary! I was hoping rather for a discussion of some aspect of the book that you found provocative, interesting, irritating, untrue, etc… In other words, I am looking more for a dialogue with Du Bois than a summary.
You should draw on your ideas stimulated by the readings; thus, it should be a combination of both, reading and your ideas.
Make sure you have an clear thesis, introduction, body and conclusion.
Show your read the book and also have your own view and understanding.
Essay must have a title. Cite everything clear.
Do not USE First Person “I” in the essay.
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