Choose 6 (six) of the following questions and answer each thoroughly. Each essay
question is worth 5 (five) points each.

1. Explain the links between evolution, gender, and crime.

2. Identify and discuss the mental disorders and diseases that are associated
with crime. How persuasive is the association between mental disorders and
crime, and why is this the case?

3. Define and discuss Sampson and Laubls turning points in a criminal career.
Include the concept of social capital in your response.

4. Explain the development of critical criminology in light of evolving social
conflict in society.

5. Create a fictional crime prevention strategy and give examples (scenarios) of
how crime displacement, crime diffusion, and crime extinction may occur
with the crime prevention strategy.

6. List and describe the various public policy implications associated with
developmental theory.

7. According to social structure theory, the key to understanding the root cause
of crime can be found in the nation’s socioeconomic makeup. Explain what is
meant by this statement.


8. Explain what is meant by ?continuity of crime? and its relevance to life course

9. What are the four primary issues that critical criminologists are concerned
with in regard to social class, crime, and social control?

10. Identify and discuss the four factors that social learning theorists suggest
contribute to violent or aggressive behavior.


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