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A Streetcar Named Desier
Decide upon one major conflict or all three of the following; person vs. person, person vs. society, or person vs.self to write about based on the movie A Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams. The only information is from the movie only so no sources are needed. Essay must have 5 paragraphs. Introductory paragraph: Include the movies title and author and briefly summarize the movies plot. End the paragraph with a thesis sentence stating the chosen conflict(s) and the examples in general to be discussed in the subsequent body paragraphs.
Next, write three body paragraphs and discuss one distinct example in each paragraph from the movie that exemplifies the already estaglied conflict. In each body paragraph: Have a topic sentence mentioning the conflict to be discussed; then present and explain examples/details/specifics that exemplify the conflict;finally write a general concluding sentence wrapping up the overall information. Concluding paragraph; recap the main points of the paper in four-five sentences.


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